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The Bet Wizard Bet calculator

Bet Wizard is a betting calculator that can work out all of the bet types that are popular with horse racing and other sports in the UK and Ireland.

Originally a developed as a software application back in 2005 it's now available as an free online bet calculator, so you can work out your bet's, to see how much a particular bet would win you.

I'm trying to make it as clutter free as possible, so it's easier to use on mobile screens.

It's pretty easy to use, if you know your bets your likely to not need any explanation on how to use the bet calculator.

Just select your bet type from the drop down box, enter a unit stake, select win or each way and input how your selections have done.

There are options for Rule 4's, dead heat's and joint Fav's. Just leave them as they are with the default '--' if you do not need to use them.

Hit the "Work out bet" button and the bet wizard's calculator will work out the possible returns of your bet as well as the total stake of your bet.

I hope you find Bet Wizard useful and simple to use.

Wishing you the best of luck in your horse racing investments!

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The original BetWizard for your computer.

You can download the original Windows app version of betwizard to your computer: Bet Wizard

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